Why Should you choose

Reed’s General Merchandise?

You could just list your own treasures on eBay or craigslist yourself, right?
Or you could have a garage sale or run an ad in the local paper?
So why haven’t you?
Simple, because all you have to do is arrange for a consultation with

Reed’s General Merchandise

 and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you utilize our services you are essentially guaranteed that your item

will never make its way back to your home or business. You can relax

knowing you will not be bothered with the issues that can arise from

selling items in the private market. You will have the peace of mind

knowing that you will not be forced to give out personal information via

the internet and, with the exception of our staff, you will enjoy total

anonymity. You will have the reassurance that we will market your items

in the appropriate venues at marketable prices.  

Even if you aren’t sure what type of plan you are comfortable with to sell

your personal treasures rest assured that it is certainly in your best interest.

Arrange to have a private, FREE, no obligation, consultation with one of our

qualified personal to advise you on some of your options.  

Our commission rates range from 15% to 50%, depending on

your specific needs and the range of services we provide. 

(generally commissions are 25% to 35%)

Please don’t miss out on any of your possibilities.

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